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Why Hua Hin Thai Property

Buying property in Thailand is not complicated for Thai people, especially
if they have a good advisor. Nowadays most Thai real estate customers are convinced that a real estate agency is the only way to go.

Hua Hin Thai Property image

Hua Hin Thai Property image

The right real estate company in Thailand will certainly be a Thai national company. Because of the specific business laws affecting foreign running of a business in Thailand, a qualified real estate agent is the correct choice, especially in regard to foreign business act B.E.2542 (1999).

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Four to five years ago, there were many unprofessional real estate agents
in Hua Hin dealing directly with the foreigner.  Actually, they can not run this type of business.   They just have the English or other language skills to build their reliability. Most unprofessional agents for the most part have closed down their business because of poor performance and mismanagement. Moreover, some serious problems have come from unprofessional and dishonest who took money from their customer without making payment to the developer.  Finally, the future has arrived and the Thai government is setting strict standards for the real property business and the foreigner investor is protected under and must comply with these news Thai laws.

Hua Hin Thai Property is a member of Real Estate Sales and Marketing
Association and is subject to Thai real estate business law. So we can assure our clients that all of our suggestions to the foreigner purchaser who want to buy, rent or sale real property in Thailand are in keeping with Thai property laws. We’re the right company from the ground up because we’re a legal real estate business.  The owner of Hua Hin Thai Property is Thai but his vision is international. Hua Hin Thai Property tries to reinforce Hua Hin as its slogan proclaims, “Hua Hin Paradise City”.

Hua Hin Thai Property image

Hua Hin Thai Property image

Our Team has skillful in foreign language. Our lawyer team is Thai who
also are experts in foreign language and ready go to court whenever a problem arises with your property. Hua Hin Thai Property is ready to stay by you from buying until you move in your house. We are also there for you if even if you sell or move.

Hua Hin Thai Property image

Hua Hin Thai Property has many customers from nations as The UK, Holland, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and of course, Thailand.



United Kingdom





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They’re all coming for different reasons but one thing is the same for everyone wanting to buy the property in Hua Hin and that is because they want the charm of the city, the inexpensive cost of living, relaxed atmosphere, shopping and amenities and entertainment. Hua Hin Thai Property is well aware of this. And we treat everyone the same as our relatives. We are not only interested in serving the millionaire. Just tell us what kind of house you have in mind. We can provide you choices and options in every price from less than 1,000,000 to more than 100,000,000 THB.

Hua Hin Thai Property image

Hua Hin Thai Property image

After considering all of above, you can see the advantages you have with Hua Hin Thai Property.  Although we are not worldwide company, we have co-agents on every continent. We’re not the largest real estate agent in the world. But we are the best in Hua Hin and provide you with more than any other agent can. Our knowledge, experience and service are dedicated to your satisfaction.


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