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According to the new law issued in the year 2000, every housing project requires a juristic management that takes care of communal facilities (e.g. communal swimming pool, garden area), roads, and other shared parts of the development.

Everyone who owns a property in a housing project is a member of the housing project commitee, who each has the right to ask the juristic for any work that the commitee thinks needs to be done. The commitee can vote or opt for certain members to represent them, who can then arrange and attend meetings to discuss any issues they deem necessary for solving.

The type of service the juristic provides, for example, if a matter that needs approval from the government arises then the juristic will consult the appropriate government sector and handle all of the dealings with them. Also, if other problems with the housing project arise, then the juristic will make sure that they are solved, e.g. if the electricity isn't working, or when the water levels are low - basically the juristic take care of any problems, rather than the house owners themselves.

Other services the juristic can offer customers is to help with the sale of their property, should the customer wish to sell.

Hua Hin Thai Property can create a juristic management team for housing projects, or also provide staff to support existing juristic management teams. (The juristic staff should be able to speak english, and have knowledge about Thai law)


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