Khao Takiab can be written several ways in English: Khao Takiab, Kao Takiab, Khao Takiap, Kao Takiap, Takiep, Takieb, and so on. We have decided to stick with the one that follows the Thai closest เขาตะเกียบ or Khao Takiab. The name itself actually means “Chopstick Hill”.

The geography of Khao Takiab is quite simply a main road runs through the centre of the small village and the hill dominates the coastline with beautiful beaches on either side. There are numerous temples, elephant camps, rustic local restaurants, five-star resorts and a fishing village.


Public transport is the cheapest way to get too and from Khao Takiab. These green trucks, or songtaews as they’re called in Thai, leave every 15 minutes or so and cost 10 baht to and from Hua Hin. You simply flag one down and get on. They run the same route from Hua Hin night market, down Petchkasem road and end up in Khao Takiab. You can get on or off at any stage during the journey.

Tuk Tuks are also widely available around Khao Takiab and Hua Hin but they tend to be overpriced for tourists often charging around 200 – 250 baht for the short 10-minute ride. You will seldom get away with bartering with Tuk Tuks as most of them would rather lose the fare than drop their price.

There are also plenty of motorcycle taxis, the rate to or from Hua Hin for these should be around 100 baht.



Watersports activities are available for the adventurous, you can jet ski, kayak, parasail, banana boat or waterski. A local company runs the activities and hires out the equipment.

Elephant camp

This is situated just before you get to the beach at the end of the first soi on the left after the hill. Elephant rides and feeding can be done here.

Nightlife and Entertainment

A number of small bars have recently opened up in Khao Takiab giving you the option of staying there for the evening as opposed to heading into Hua Hin. As the area grows we can expect to see more pubs and bars appearing in Khao Takiab. Existing ones include The Red Bicycle, Oasis Bar, The Beach Hut, Cookies, Beer O'Clock and Lost.

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