Cha-am is an extremely popular destination for Thai day-trippers and weekenders probably due to it’s long strip of beach and it’s relatively inexpensive seafood. Cha-am can become very crowded on holiday weekends. The area is also home to a sizable amount of expats, mainly Scandinavians. aside from the beach, there is still plenty to see in this unique town. A fishing village north of Ruamchi Road features Thai shops, fishmongers, and restaurants. You could spend half a day touring the area and immersing yourself in one of the town’s most important industries, fishing.

Because of the mix of tourists here, most things are written in both Thai and English.


Mainly served by a regular fleet of minivans from both the South (Hua, Hin, Pranburi) and from Bangkok. Long distance buses also stop at Cha-Am from Bangkok en route South or en route North. Minivans are much quicker but driving can be very erratic. There is a train station but the trip is long and arduous. Only a handful of trains stop at Cha-am. Private Taxis from Bangkok should be no more than 2000baht, although 1600baht -1800baht is possible with some bargaining.

A minibus from Rangsit will cost B180 and drop you on the highway as it continues to Hua Hin.


There are only motorcycle taxis here, and from the City Road, bus stop to the beach will cost you about B40 (you should bargain if necessary). Otherwise, you walk.

From the first main set of traffic lights as you come from BKK, to the left is the beach and it is about a one-kilometre walk. To the left is north beach, and it appears to be where the upmarket hotels are, and to the right is south beach where there are many street fish restaurants


Crab Pulling Festival

February is the high season for catching blue crab in Cha-Am and food enthusiasts are invited to join this festival on Cha Am beach which is held beginning of February each year

Street Eats

There are plenty of streets eat stalls along the beach road, close to the T intersection on both sides. For dinner, you can get a good feed for B35 at a street stall, which has tables and chairs. For breakfast, there is a stall on the beach side to the right of the T intersection which does pork porridge with rice for 35 baht, with Thai (orange) tea, or coffee for 20 baht
Otherwise, there are plenty of restaurants along the beach road, as well as one road back, and also along the streets leading to the one road back. The street fish restaurants are quite expensive.

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